Our Mission

We bring our best to God's table so all might delight in Christ's life-changing embrace across every generation and culture.



Our Vision

We are a diverse community committed to living out the message of Jesus Christ. This message is one of hope for the oppressed, love for the outcast, home for the migrant, and peace for all people. We strive to build relationships across racial, political, and economic divides as a way of responding to Jesus’ call to love our neighbors as ourselves. We believe in God’s redeeming love through the person of Jesus Christ. We value human relationships above all else as reflected by the incarnation of God in the body and person of Jesus. We embrace the awe and mystery of God through traditional liturgy while being open to the movement of the Holy Spirit to experience new forms of expression. We are rooted in the ancient church and our eyes and hearts look to the future. We welcome all people to experience the love of God.

Our Values

We are a community of:

  • Welcoming fellowship: We practice seeing Christ in all whom we encounter, with the hope that Jesus may be reflected in us as well. We stay ready with open arms, hands, and hearts, to receive each person just as they are, wherever they may be on their journey with God.

  • Familial relationships: We cultivate relationships with one another as members of the St. Matthew’s family, and of the human family, as we have been created to be. We strive to care for, support, and know each other, at our best and worst, at our strongest and most vulnerable, at our most divine, and our most beautifully human, serving and celebrating alongside each other through all of life's complicated messiness, as is the nature of family. We believe that multi-generational bonds are essential, and cherish the wisdom and childlike joy and wonder can be found and nurtured at every age. 

  • Intergenerationality: We are rooted in the traditions of the church and our ancestors, and honor the experience, courage and struggle of all who have come before us, laboring unto God’s glory. We hope to carry the best of the past into the present, continuing to renew ourselves through the ever-evolving nature of the Holy Spirit, in order to remain open to the limitless possibilities of the future.

  • Openness & acceptance: We believe in making room for people from all cultures, backgrounds and walks of life to find belonging as God’s beloved. Rather than finding unity through uniformity, we achieve unity through celebrating the sacredness of our differences and diversity, as a testament to God’s creativity and boundless love.

  • Cultural Expression: We share our cultural identities and heritage through both verbal and non-verbal expressions of love: art, dance, music, language and food. We honor these traditions as they were celebrated by our forefathers and in our motherlands, while experiencing their evolution firsthand through the cultural permeation resulting from living, learning and worshiping together through several generations of multicultural community.